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Sources of help

We have brought together a collection of resources with local and national references.  These are separated into relevant topics to help you find the help you need by following the relevant link.   These references are not just for patients under the care of the WECS Frailty team. If you do have a WECS clinician, then they will be happy to discuss any of these areas further. If not, then you can discuss with your GP.

Helping you to keep your independence

There are many different options available to help maintain your independence and allow you to live in your own home for as long as possible. However it is sometimes difficult to know what options are available, whether there is a cost and where to go for advice. Here is a list of local and national options available to help you work out what you need. Some of this information you can find yourself online and some services can be contacted by telephone, email or can arrange a face to face meeting. All of these services are free to contact and access but some of the services available may have a cost.

Helping you to keep your independence.

Services to help you look after your health

There are many different sources of help available to enable you to self manage your own health or to address specific needs

Services to help you look after your health

Organisations providing specific advice about chronic health conditions

This includes quick reference links for examples of national charities and groups who provide information and support for different chronic diseases.

Organisations providing information and support for specific health conditions

Planning for you future care 

This includes information about advance care planning, lasting power of attorney and resuscitation decision making.

Planning for your future care

Information about resuscitation discussions and decisions