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Public Health Contracts

Based at practices across Weymouth and Portland the federation is providing public health services including:

  • NHS health checks

The NHS Health Check is a free check-up of your overall health. Your NHS Health Check can detect potential health problems before they do real damage or tell you whether you’re at higher risk of getting certain health problems.  If you are in the 40-74 age group, and would like to know if you are eligible for a health check, please contact us.

  • Contraception

Whatever questions you have about getting and using contraception, this guide can help. Please contact your practice to book an appointment.


Works for three years.  A small, flexible plastic tube that sits under the skin of your upper arm and releases the progestogen hormone. It is long-acting and reversible, so you can take it out if you want to get pregnant. It is implanted under the skin of your upper arm by a doctor or nurse. A local anaesthetic is used to numb the area. The small wound made in your arm is closed with a dressing and does not need stitches.  Please contact The Bridges Medical Centre, Royal Crescent Street or Royal Manor Health Centre to discuss further; they provide this on behalf of all Weymouth & Portland practices.


Work for five years or three years, depending on the type, so you don't have to think about contraception every day or each time you have sex.  Please contact The Bridges Medical Centre, Dorchester Road Surgery, Royal Crescent Street Surgery or Wyke Regis & Lanehouse Medical Practice to discuss further; they provide this on behalf of all Weymouth & Portland practices.

Other locations and information.

  • Smoking cessation

Across many communities smoking is rapidly becoming a thing of the past. Thousands of people have successfully given up smoking, and moved on to a healthier future. The younger you quit, the greater the benefit, but stopping smoking is beneficial at any age.  Do you want to stop smoking?  If so contact your practice to discuss next steps.

What is your experience?  If you have any compliments, comments or complaints we would really appreciate your feedback as this is the only true way we can evaluate fully.  Please email  Alternatively, see your practices website for other ways to contact us.

These services are “open access” which means any providing location can be accessed in the first instance to receive support. For example, this does not need to be the GP practice with which you are registered.