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Abbotsbury Road Closure

We hope you found the transfer from Abbotsbury Road to your new practice a smooth process and, if you have used their services we hope you received a warm welcome. 

As part of the local community of practices, we planned carefully to ensure the “safe and seamless” transfer of care and records.  One of our aims was to ensure the population was not at a disadvantage nor had a reduced offering:  From our point of view, this was a success and we feel we achieved our aims.

What is your experience?  If you have any compliments, comments or complaints we would really appreciate your feedback as this is the only true way we can evaluate fully.  If you did not receive a letter advising you of your new practice, or if you’re unsure of where you are registered, please get in touch at your earliest convenience. Please email

Alternatively, see your practices website for other ways to contact us.